The Farah Junior collection is dynamic, effortlessness, credible and discerning...

Farah was born in the 1920’s and has been synonymous with youth culture since the 1970’s. While deeply proud of its heritage Farah never relies on the past and always look forward to tell new stories that resonate today.

Farah offer timeless styles blended with fashion forward, trend led pieces. They deliver this by embracing colour, pattern, details and fabrication in a fresh, upbeat way. Farah believes the look it creates shouldn't try too hard, be over styled or over complicated. Farah provides its style conscious consumer with effortless looks that are easy to assemble throughout the range.

Farah Junior embodies the brand DNA and brand essence playing with colour, print, fabrication and detailing. Despite its menswear influences, the collection brings in a clear junior identity, creating its own following for the famous f logo and building the next generation of loyal Farah followers. The Farah boy assembles his look with knowledge beyond his years and a confident look.

Farah is available in 2-15 years.